Fast, smart, powerful, revolutionary. That’s how you could describe the new category of Microsoft Copilot+ PCs. Find out what this range will entail and what machines you can expect to see the new technology in for now.

We’ve already taken a closer look at the first swallows, the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop. But what is the whole concept and what does the manufacturer intend to do with it?

Microsoft has been really into AI for the past year. It has gradually incorporated Copilot AI not only into the Edge browser, Bing search engine, individual programs from the Microsoft 365 suite and cybersecurity solutions, but also into Windows itself. It was only a matter of time before it came up with hardware designed to make the most effective use of AI. Right on the device, offline, without storing data in the cloud.

And it’s here now. With an entirely new system architecture on the ARM platform, combining a powerful processor (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) with a neural processing unit (NPU) and large and small language models (LLM and SLM).

The result should be a machine that is up to 20x more powerful and 100x more efficient at AI than conventional computers. The manufacturer even didn’t shy away from comparisons to the iconic MacBook on the blog, claiming that the new Copilot computers will outperform Apple’s laptop by a full 58%, and still leave enough capacity for a full day of operation. The battery will reportedly last for 22 hours of video watching or 15 hours of web browsing on a single charge.

Microsoft has strict requirements for Copilot+ PCs:

  • ARM Snapdragon processors
  • SSD of at least 256 GB
  • 16 GB or more of RAM

Even more great features

Recall. A feature that Microsoft says will give you an experience like you have a photographic memory. It simply looks up what you were doing, information you saw, or a document you created and saved on your PC sometime earlier. No matter which folder or how deep in your mailbox the thing you’re looking for is hidden.

Cocreate. Create and edit images in collaboration with AI directly in Windows. This gives you new capabilities like Painting or Photos. You can even combine sketches and text captions for the most accurate result.

Collaboration with other manufacturers. You can also enjoy adventures with Copilot in third-party programs such as Adobe’s graphics portfolio, DaVinci Resolve Studio, CapCut, LiquidText, djay Pro, etc.

Translations and subtitles. Translate any recorded audio into English, from 44 languages including English. Creates English subtitles even when you are offline.

Copilot+ computers not only from Microsoft, but also from other manufacturers

Microsoft and its Surface Pro Copilot+ and Surface Laptop Copilot+ are not the only representatives of the new concept. The Redmonders have teamed up with other renowned brands in this innovative effort. They too are now offering AI computers with ARM architecture and Copilot. Which ones are they?

  • Dell: It will offer as many as five models across its portfolio. Specifically, the XPS 13, Inspiron 14 and 14 Plus, Latitude 7455 and Latitude 5455.
  • HP: Brings the company’s EliteBook Ultra AI and the refreshed OmniBook X AI for end users.
  • Lenovo: Look forward to the new ThinkPad T14s Gen 6 for businesses and the Yoga Slim 7x 14 Gen 9 for individuals.
  • Acer: So far, it’s going into AI cautiously with a single model, the Swift 14 AI.
  • ASUS: It also offers one model, namely the 15-inch Vivobook S 15.
  • Samsung: Will bring two sizes of the Galaxy Book4 Edge with 14 or 16-inch diagonals.

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