The new additions to the Surface family are ready for AI. Introducing Microsoft Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6

Microsoft is working on Office 2024 as an alternative to Microsoft 365


When will Office 2024 come out and what will it be like?

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is finally available for all business users. What is it good for?


Use the full potential of AI.

Cybersecurity is the number one requirement. Companies must protect endpoint devices and educate employees


Make use of HP Wolf Security tool.

How to make your office work easier? Don’t be afraid to work in the Cloud…


If you work with Microsoft Office, you’re tired of constantly having to deal with software updates, and you don’t know which device you’ve uploaded a file to, this article is for you. Do you want to be more in control

Who is Cyber Security Manager and why do you need one


Protect your IT in accordance with NIS2.

New Surface: the Laptop Studio 2, Laptop Go 3 and Go 4 are powerful, sleek and sustainable


September Microsoft Surface news.

NIS2 and supply chain security


New duties under the European Directive.

Hottest news in Windows 11: Will Copilot finally arrive?


What Redmond has in store for Windows 11.

A new Act on Cyber Security under the European NIS2 Directive is on the way. How will it affect your business?


Who will the new law apply to?
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