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Cyber Security Minimum: What is AiTM Attack?


Get to know the methods of cyber attackers.

Be careful what you open. Cyber attackers use OneNote documents to spread malware


Beware of emails with OneNote attachments.

Outlook for Mac is available for free. And Microsoft has made a really good job with the app


Everything about Microsoft e-mail for Apple users.

The new NIS2 directive on cybersecurity. Does it apply to you? And what is it about?


All you need to know about NIS2 Directive.

Don’t get caught. Learn more about phishing methods


How to not get fooled by scammers.

The Office app changes to Microsoft 365. What does it mean?


New icon, name nad features of Microsoft app.

Apple has extended data protection on iCloud. In the Czechia it came with the release of new versions of operating systems


End-to-end data encryption for iCloud is available for Czech users.

Cyber ​​Security minimum: What is ransomware and how to defend against it


Are your files secured against hijacking? This is exactly what a ransomware attack looks like. Find out more about protection against ransomware.

Custom background in MS Teams!


Didn’t manage to clean your desk and have a videocall 3 minutes? Not to worry, MS Teams has you covered. Simply change your background! In MS Teams, you can blur or change your background. In the case of changing your
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