Do you need to be in touch with customers or colleagues on the phone? Then you know that running a landline or mobile number can get unnecessarily expensive. The solution is VoIP, telephone over internet service.

Any business that wants to be competitive even in a difficult economic situation must look for efficient and cost-effective solutions for all their activities. Including phone calls. That’s why VoIP is at least worth a closer look.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a modern communication service that replaces a full-fledged telephone connection, but at a fraction of the normal price. And with many benefits such as the availability of a landline number from anywhere, automation or the use of AI.

The point is that the phone call takes place over the internet, intranet or any other data connection. Very simply: a special VoIP phone or app on your computer or mobile converts the voice input into digital files that can be transferred like any other digital data. And in turn the recipient’s phone “decodes” it back into audio. You won’t recognize any difference, everything looks like a normal phone call.

What are the benefits of VoIP

1. Cost savings

Not just for each call, but also for the purchase, operation and maintenance of the landline and PBX itself. You don’t even have to deal with costly equipment transfers when you change locations.

According to the U .S. edition of Computerworld magazine, using VoIP instead of landlines can save up to 45% on telephone expenses. And in the case of international calls, much more, even up to 90%.

You need to do virtually nothing to get started. Just call the service provider. They will implement it on their servers, where they set up the PBX or provide hosting for the virtual PBX, then connect you and even supply the necessary telephones. You can use your original phone numbers or have brand new ones set up, it’s up to you.

2. Better workflow thanks to connection to applications

You can also make calls directly from selected apps, for example, with a single click on a phone number in any Outlook signature. Also, you get access to contacts stored in your e-mail address book or Microsoft Dynamics 365. And connecting to Microsoft Teams will make conference calls easy, reducing the time it takes to complete a specific task.

How does it work? You need a Microsoft 365 license that allows calls through Teams. Our technicians will perform the VoIP PBX implementation at your location. And then you make the call. You can handle the call directly from MS Teams or Outlook and the caller sees your landline number. Conversely, if the call is to your landline, the call can be answered through Teams.

3. You can easily transfer the landline

Take your service with you wherever you move, without the hassle of dealing with the telecommunications company. Your home address may change, but your landline number stays. You can also easily adapt the phone network to seasonal call traffic and it will grow with your business without difficulty.

4. Better customer service

With VoIP, you can help customers anywhere you have a decent internet connection. If you miss a call, it will automatically transfer to another device, another colleague, or you’ll receive a voicemail or text transcript. Oh, and better care availability means happy customers who will readily buy from you again and again.

5. You get additional features

The service includes call forwarding and a voice call guide, including dubbing all the important information and key points for callers. Also, for example, feedback after each call or programming certain steps, such as automatically sending a confirmation email when the call is completed.

Is it efficient and reliable?

If you have a properly designed network and a sufficiently fast and stable internet connection, you will get crystal clear sound without major latency. In addition, an experienced and professional operator is always connected to monitoring systems that detect any potential problems early and solve them immediately. As a result, the call quality and connection reliability are no different from the classics. Okay, it is just cheaper, more accessible and more comprehensive.

If you want to make affordable calls from anywhere, just contact us. We will be happy to design and implement VoIP as a service for you. We can design a service for small, medium and larg businesses to suit specific needs based on the industry and style of business. We will connect your telephony to Microsoft Teams and provide all the accompanying services.