Although Microsoft said that they don’t want to make another classic version of Office, it looks like it will happen after all. Although it is not yet known when and for how much. What is already known about the new version and for whom is the one-time purchase suitable?

The trend in recent years has been to provide software as a service for a subscription fee. This means that you don’t buy a ready-made product with a licence that you install on your computer for a one-off higher price, but you pay a regular monthly or annual subscription. Such software is then usually available online in cloud.

Subscription has its advantages

1. The monthly or annual amount you pay is much smaller, so you can better manage your expenses.

2. The software is usually automatically updated, not only in terms of features, but especially cybersecurity.

3. Data is also automatically backed up.

4. In the case of Microsoft 365, you get access to technical support.

5. And many additional applications. Such as OneDrive cloud storage, Outlook calendar and e-mail, Microsoft Teams communication tool. Your can use tools for effective collaboration, e. g. Planner for project management, OneNote notepad, ToDo list app, SharePoint shared library, or Forms for creating forms and questionnaires. And various automation tools (Power Automate, Power BI), time management tools (Insights) and creative remote collaboration tools (Whiteboard). The latest AI app Copilot for Microsoft 365 is also now available.

Why a one-off solution?

Purchasing a once-and-for-all license is convenient for those users who don’t want to pay a regular subscription fee but would rather spend a lump sum. In terms of features, sometimes a light solution really is enough when you don’t use most of them and only work with email, Word and Excel, for example.

While Microsoft prefers the cloud variant of its service, it has heeded the call of customers and decided to offer a new version of the one-time solution as well.

What do we know about Office 2024

Not much is known yet. Microsoft has only indirectly confirmed the development of a new version of the perpetual toolkit. The first guesses about its appearance and content are still unofficial and based on a preview version. We don’t know when the new Office will see the light of day, nor how much it will cost.

It is estimated that some useful features will be added to the basic programs, such as real-time collaboration or some manifestations of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Included will be access to the new Outlook and Teams. Perhaps Redmond will also include Publisher, Visio or Project, but that’s just speculation for now. On the other hand, Microsoft’s biggest new feature Copilot probably won’t be part of the package.

The look will remain very similar, according to leaked screenshots, with only minor design upgrades. The controls should be a bit more intuitive, if that’s even possible, and will also hopefully offer more ergonomic and logically laid out controls.

Microsoft Office 2024

There are rumours that the new Office should be available sometime towards the end of this year, and there is talk of linkingit to the release of the new version of the Windows 12 operating system. In any case, official support for the current version of the office suite, Office 2021, ends in October 2026, so there must be some clarity by then.

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